• RA Law “On Panarmenian Bank” (adopted on 26.12.2008 ՀՕ-30-Ն)
  • RA Law “On Banks and Banking” (adopted on 30.06.1996 ՀՕ-68)
  • RA Law “On the Central Bank of Armenia” (adopted on 30.06.1996 ՀՕ-69)
  • RA Law “On Banks, Credit Companies, Investment Companies and Insurance Companies Liquidation” (adopted on 23.10.2001 ՀՕ-262)
  • RA Law “On Bank Secrecy” (adopted on 07.10.1996, ՀՕ-80)
  • RA Law “On Joint Stock Companies” (adopted on 25.09.2001, ՀՕ-232)
  • RA Law “On Accounting” (adopted on 26.12.2002, ՀՕ-515-Ն)
  • RA Law "On Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing" (adopted on 26.05.2008, ՀՕ-80-Ն)
  • RA Law "On Financial System Mediator" (adopted on 17.06.2008, ՀՕ-123-Ն)


  • Regulation 01/01 “On Panarmenian Bank Registration” (adopted on 27.02.2009, 41-Ն)
  • Regulation 01/02 “On Panarmenian Bank Licensing, Panarmenian Bank Share Capital Participation, Registration of Branches and Representations and Required Documentation, Panarmenian Bank Management (except for the Board Members, Chairman, Heads of the Territorial Units) Qualification and Registration” (adopted on 22.10.2010,  263-Ն)
  • Regulation 01/03 “On Panarmenian Bank Prudential Norms and Regulations” (adopted on 06.03.12, 65-Ն)
  • Regulation 01/04 “On Panarmenian Bank Reports, Reports Presentation and Publication” (adopted on 15.05.12)
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