Panarmenian Bank provides long-term loans and, in future, equity funding.

Panarmenian Bank provides financing to private enterprises for funding their investment projects.

The eligible projects should be technically feasible, economically and financially sustainable, and help to increase production and productivity, and enhance export competitiveness.

The investment projects financed by Panarmenian Bank usually are capital investments for attainment of new technologies, for expansion and modernization of capacities. The eligible investment project may also have other development objectives: for example, expansion of export markets, improvement of business and financial structure, etc.

Loan will be used to finance fixed assets such as purchases of equipment, transportation means and real estate, as well as installation and rehabilitation works and other capital expenditures. The loans may also include financing of incremental working capital necessary for the project.

The loans currently are provided in AMD, and in the future they can be provided in foreign exchange currency as well. Generally, in order to manage the foreign exchange risk, the loans will be provided in the currency of the mobilized funds.

Only private enterprises that are registered and operating in the Republic of Armenia are eligible to receive Panarmenian Bank financing.

Panarmenian Bank does not finance enterprises, that are owned and/or controlled by Panarmenian Bank related individuals or Government officials, and their related parties. 

The Loan Process

Loan Terms and Conditions

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