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Panarmenian Bank is an enterprise development bank established as an open joint stock company. The Bank is a new type of financial institution established in Armenia with the primary goal to provide long-term financing to export -oriented private enterprises for funding their investment projects. The Bank mobilizes the necessary financial resources from various development-oriented local and foreign sources.

Panarmenian Bank finances private sector enterprises, registered and operating in Armenia, by offering long-term loans.  In the future, the Bank may provide limited equity funding by blending with lending operations, with clearly defined exit strategies. The Bank strives to increase the competitiveness and modernization of export oriented productive enterprises and foster their transition to more proficient management culture. In addition, Panarmenian Bank intends to assist Diaspora supported business enterprises in Armenia.

Panarmenian Bank is not a commercial bank: we do not provide bank accounts, do not accept deposits and do not provide loans to individuals. The Bank works only with legal entities supporting long-term investment projects, where the need for financing is not fully served by commercial banks. Panarmenian Bank does not intend to compete with the commercial banks in financing enterprises. On the contrary, in addition to its direct lending, the Panarmenian Bank collaborates with commercial banks in providing financial packages to enterprises where Panarmenian Bank will provide relatively long-term financial resources whilst the commercial banks will provide relatively shorter-term loans.

Panarmenian Bank’s activities are regulated by the Central Bank of Armenia in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia. The Bank’s operations are guided by market principles and sound business practices. Lending and investment decisions in Panarmenian Bank are made solely on the basis of deep analyses and transparent evaluation and risk management procedures.

In the future, Panarmenian Bank envisages issuing securities to mobilize additional resources from abroad, especially from Diaspora. To preserve the authority of its operations, the Panarmenian Bank does not mobilize funds from sources that pursue political agendas. The Panarmenian Bank relies solely on economic and market rules.


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